Advantages of the Vivo V21

Vivo V21 review: Amazing New High Sized Smartphones This year Vivo again has brought out a gorgeous high-end Smartphone which delivers amazing pictures and videos, at a very affordable price. The stylish Vivo V21 comes standard with a dual rear camera set up consisting of a four lens system with an 8 MP primary camera plus two secondary cameras. . vivo v21 The secondary cameras have a total of eight megapixels each for amazing image quality. The Vivo V21 also comes standard with a dual LED flash, front touch sensitive screen, a total ofium sensitivity, vibrate alert, proximity sensor, voice dialing, and fingerprint scanning. The Vivo V21 is also available in a variety of colors including black, blue, gold, white, grey, and pink.

This year’s version of the Vivo V21 has some pretty nice additions and upgrades from the last model. One of the biggest upgrades is the camera setup with a total of eight megapixels, up from the previous six. In addition to that, the Vivo now includes OIS as well as a laser focus effect. The result is that you get a better result when taking photos and video and this helps to make the overall picture much more accurate and crisp.

With this being such a big upgrade you might wonder what else could make this phone so popular. In short the Vivo V21 is packed full of features and software that make this phone extremely easy to use and manage. First and foremost, the phone now comes standard with Android OS 4.4 “Kit Kat” and this is an excellent feature for anyone who is looking for a smartphone that has the latest mobile operating system. Secondly, the phone now includes a media player that supports H.263 video encoding. The media player is especially convenient if you are someone who likes to enjoy videos and music on the go since you no longer have to carry around a separate media player.

The body of the Vivo V21 is built much like the iPhone and is covered in an attractive leather material. The two primary colors are black and gold and while they are available in grey and pink, they work very nicely together. The back cover of the smartphone has been completely re-designed with larger fonts and a nice design pattern that sits flush on the back. This provides a clean finish and is surrounded by an attractive fingerprint scanner. There is also a dual LED flash on the phone’s back which makes this handset particularly attractive.

Since this is a smartphone you can take many different types of photographs with it. The main camera on the Vivo V21 is a 12.3 megapixel rear shooter that offers decent pictures. You can also upload pictures to your e-mail, Facebook and YouTube. The second camera on the vivo v 21 is called the selfie feature and is used for taking self-shot selfies. It offers a lower quality than the main camera but it is convenient if you want to test yourself out.

The vivo v 21 features a quad core processor that is coupled with an Adreno rating of MSMPA 4.4 / SATA modem, dual band GSM modem, MMS, EDGE and Bluetooth on the front camera and an internal HTC etched flash. The rear camera has a decent camera too that is capable of resolution up to 15 megapixels. The connectivity options on the Vivo V21 are USB Type-C, HDMI out, 3.5 mm headphone jack, GPS receiver, Wi-Fi and a barcode scanner. It comes standard with the Vigo live chat application and HTC Sense.

This picture is for illustration purpose only. Actual image may vary according to the conditions. This is an excellent camera for people who love taking pictures of themselves and want to share them with the world. But these selfies do not last long due to poor photo conditions in the camera. It is a pity that the picture duration does not get reduced when the person uses the auto focus feature.

With the above specifications and the fact that it is one of the most popular handsets in the current market, the Vivo V21 is surely a phone worth the money. If you want to download official apps, you should go for the Google play store. If you want to play games, you can download the apps from the mobile network provider’s app store.